Research & Development Lab

IPL has two world class R&D centres in India with modern and state of art facility recognized by Department of Scientific & Industrial Research (DSIR), Ministry of Science & Technology, India. IPL R&D has commercialised over 50 products, and has 70 new products in the pipeline.



Identifying and isolating the most potent & virulent strains from the samples collected from unique niches such as soil, insects, composts etc.Only after successful results these products are registered with the Central Insecticide Board of India (CIB), and also certified from IndoCert & IMO. IPL has the highest number of products registered with CIB and commercialised in the Indian market.

Production Technology

Mass production of a naturally-derived living organism with reliable and consistent efficacy is a difficult task. We have mastered the art and production technology of submerged fermentation of bio inoculants.

Continuous Improvement

All commercialised products are also regularly revalidated for virulence and efficacy at least once a year by rotation to ensure sustained quality. In addition these products are also under continuous improvement program to increase efficacy, shelf life, stress tolerance and other parameters; which is why only IPL products are continuously improving in quality and efficacy year-on-year.

Human Resources

The strong R&D team is backed by expertise from allied fields i.e. Microbiologist, Agronomist, Entomologist, Pathologist, Molecular biologist, Inustrial Microbiologist, Biochemist, Applied Science to ensure integrated approach to new product development.