About Company

IPL Biologicals Limited (formerly known as International Panaacea Limited) specialises in biological solutions for agricultural applications. IPL Biologicals has the widest portfolio of more than 50 products in disease and pest management, plant nutrition & health management and soil management. Our products are renowned for their high quality and efficacy.

Focused on innovative technologies, IPL Biologicals has two R&D labs with world class infrastructure, scientists, microbiologists and agronomists along with pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing plant. Our products help customers around the globe to control diseases and pests, improve plant health for better yields, simultaneously reducing chemical  residues in foods, and  development of pest resistance.


Our Core Competencies

  • Identifying the most effective strains and enhancing their virulence many fold
  • Production of high CFU, zero contamination and long shelf life products in various formulations (liquid, powder, granules, tablets)
  • High shelf life (upto 3 years) even in unfavourable storage conditions.
  • High efficacy products in wide and unfavourable conditions of humidity, temperature, soil pH etc.



Our product portfolio includes:
  • Bio-insecticides – Solution for sucking pests, soil pests, caterpillars, mites etc.
  • Bio-fungicides – Solutions for soil and air borne fungal diseases
  • Bio-nematicides – Solutions for Nematodes control
  • Bio-fertilizers – Solutions for N, P, K, Zn, S, Fe and other Micronutrients
  • Growth Promoters – Plant growth promoting rhizobacteria & root development promoting rhizobacteria
  • Seed treatment – Improve germination, growth and provide tolerance to seed borne diseases
  • Decomposers – Bacterial and Fungal for faster decomposition

All these products have been tested in various field trials under different agro-climatic conditions in reputed agricultural universities and continuously re-validated. All our products are certified by INDOCERT and IMO Certification. Bio pesticides are registered with Central Insecticide Board (CIB) and Bio fertilizers under Fertilizer Control Order (FCO).