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Contract Manufacturing

The centralized model

  • Involves a centralized processor and/or packer buying from a large
  • Is used for tree crops, annual crops, poultry, and dairy. Products often
  • Is vertically coordinated, with quota allocation and tight quality control

The informal model

  • Is characterized by individual entrepreneurs or small companies
  • Involves informal production contracts, usually on a seasonal basis
  • Often requires government support services such as research
  • Involves greater risk of extra-contractual marketing

Our Manufacturing Plants

IPL Biologicals has a state of art manufacturing unit located at Haridwar, Uttarakhand, 248 km from New Delhi. It is well equipped with modern equipment including fermenters of varying capacities, an aseptic filling unit, and downstream equipment for manufacturing liquid, powder, granule, and tablet formulations. It follows the most stringent technology parameters to ensure contamination-free production in order to deliver the best quality and ensure high efficacy.

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