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A Novel Microbial Seed Coating Technology

  • Nutribiocoat is an innovative technology for microbial seed coating that utilizes microorganisms, such as bacteria and fungi, to enhance plant growth, productivity, and protection against diseases and pests.
  • Nutribiocoat offers benefits such as improved seed germination, increased yield, enhanced nutrient uptake, and protection against diseases.
  • Nutribiocoat provides a natural and eco-friendly alternative to traditional chemical seed treatments.
  • Nutribiocoat aligns with the increasing demand for sustainable agricultural practices.
  • The global microbial seed coating market is expected to grow further in the coming years.

NUTRIBIOCOAT  Offers Many Advantages as Listed Below

Increased Seed Viability: Nutribiocoat enhances seed germination and promotes seedling growth, thus increasing the success rate of planting.

Improved Nutrient Uptake: Nutribiocoat can improve the uptake of nutrients by plants, leading to better growth and productivity

Enhanced Seed Germination and Vigor: Nutribiocoat can help promote seed germination and seedling establishment.

Improved Crop Yields: By protecting seeds from diseases, pests, and other harmful factors, Nutribiocoat can help improve crop yields

Protection against Pathogens: Nutribiocoat can protect seeds from harmful pathogens, such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses, which can cause seed rot and reduce crop yields.

Disease Resistance:
Nutribiocoat helps protect plants from diseases by suppressing pathogens or promoting plant health.

Reduced Use of Pesticides: Reduces the need for pesticide applications.

Environmentally Friendly: Nutribiocoat is considered environmentally friendly and
sustainable, as it does not contain harmful chemicals.

Enhanced Shelf Life: The microbes in Nutribiocoat last on the seed for up to 2 years, improving seed storage and transportation.

Cost-Effective: Nutribiocoat can be more cost-effective than traditional chemical seed treatment, especially in the long term.


• Enhance seedling emergence

• Increase seed germination

• Enhance seedling vigour

• Enhance shoot and root growth and stimulates root hair promoting peptides

• Enhance plant biomass

• Precursors to Phytohormones Cytokinins, Auxins etc.


• The plant growth promoting microorganisms colonize the roots and protect the crop during the entire growing season.

• Reduce soil borne pathogen

• Reduces effects from climate stress

• Helps seedlings survive harsh environmental conditions

• Induces disease tolerance


Use of organic polymer for uniform seed coating – We have developed an organic biopolymer coating the seeds with the microbes


• Cereals
• Pulses
• Vegetables
• Cash Crops
• Oilseeds


The Nutribiocoat formulation is
compatible with wide range chemical fungicides/insecticides

• Thiram

• Deltamethrin

• Metalaxyl

• Thimethoxam

• Carboxin

• Cyantranilliprole

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