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A Novel Microbial Seed Coating Technology

IPL Biologicals (formerly International Panaacea Limited) is pleased to announce the introduction of a novel microbial seed treatment technology NUTRIBIOCOAT® offering many additional benefits over conventional chemical seed treatment products. NUTRIBIOCOAT® is a biological method of coating the seeds with beneficial microbes that not only provides protection from diseases and pests but also provides nutrition to plant enabling better plant growth by fixing/solubilising/mobilising nutrients for their enhanced uptake.

NUTRIBIOCOAT® has been developed specifically for seed companies to not only cater to their core objective of providing better crop performance in terms of disease and pest tolerance for better yields but also providing sustainable solutions to farming community. NUTRIBIOCOAT® has a microbial composition which is coated on the seed by a proprietary non-chemical polymer suitable for all type of seeds. NUTRIBIOCOAT® also offers different compositions for different crop seeds basis the common diseases, pests and nutrition requirements for the specified crop.


• Enhance seedling emergence

• Increase seed germination

• Enhance seedling vigour

• Enhance shoot and root growth and stimulates root hair promoting peptides

• Enhance plant biomass

• Precursors to Phytohormones Cytokinins, Auxins etc.


• The plant growth promoting microorganisms colonize the roots and protect the crop during the entire growing season.

• Reduce soil borne pathogen

• Reduces effects from climate stress

• Helps seedlings survive harsh environmental conditions

• Induces disease tolerance


Use of organic polymer for uniform seed coating – We have developed an organic biopolymer coating the seeds with the microbes


• Cereals
• Pulses
• Vegetables
• Cash Crops
• Oilseeds


The Nutribiocoat formulation is
compatible with wide range chemical fungicides/insecticides

• Thiram

• Deltamethrin

• Metalaxyl

• Thimethoxam

• Carboxin

• Cyantranilliprole

NUTRIBIOCOAT®  Offers Many Advantages as Listed Below

Increased Seed Viability: Nutribiocoat enhances seed germination and promotes seedling growth, thus increasing the success rate of planting.

Improved Nutrient Uptake: Nutribiocoat can improve the uptake of nutrients by plants, leading to better growth and productivity

Enhanced Seed Germination and Vigor: Nutribiocoat can help promote seed germination and seedling establishment.

Improved Crop Yields: By protecting seeds from diseases, pests, and other harmful factors, Nutribiocoat can help improve crop yields

Protection against Pathogens: Nutribiocoat can protect seeds from harmful pathogens, such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses, which can cause seed rot and reduce crop yields.

Disease Resistance:
Nutribiocoat helps protect plants from diseases by suppressing pathogens or promoting plant health.

Reduced Use of Pesticides: Reduces the need for pesticide applications.

Environmentally Friendly: Nutribiocoat is considered environmentally friendly and
sustainable, as it does not contain harmful chemicals.

Enhanced Shelf Life: The microbes in Nutribiocoat last on the seed for up to 2 years, improving seed storage and transportation.

Cost-Effective: Nutribiocoat can be more cost-effective than traditional chemical seed treatment, especially in the long term.

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