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Microbial Solutions for your Crops

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Experience the ultimate in sustainable agriculture and crop growth with our FCO registered, organic certified Biofertilizers. With high CFU count and longer shelf life, our products strengthen soil-based microbial ecosystems for long-term soil health and yield.

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Our Biofungicides offer long-lasting benefits by effectively targeting specific plant diseases while keeping beneficial insects and the environment safe. With our CIB registered, range of Biofungicides, you can manage even the toughest diseases and ensure healthy, thriving crops without the risk of harmful residue.

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Experience the difference of our eco-friendly Bioinsecticides solutions, targeted specifically to control pests without harming the environment and beneficial insects. Registered under CIB, Bioinsecticides range from IPL biologicals are naturally derived, leaving minimal residue on crops while managing resistance and enhancing soil health.

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HD Products

Transform your farming with the best – invest in our HD Biofertilizers today! HD Biofertilizers range contains the highest density of potent microbial strains, with 100 times the concentration of conventional fertilizers. Our range is FCO registered and organic certified for your peace of mind.

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Bio Stimulants

Improve your crops tolerance towards any kind of biotic and abiotic stress by using our leading range of biostimulants which are organic certified and fit to be used in multiple crops.

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Promote a healthier planet and more sustainable agriculture with our eco-friendly farm solutions.

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