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Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium


Technical Name: Natural Liquid Humic
Purpose: Enhanced Crop Quality & Nutritional Value of Produce
Dosage: 300ml/acre
Crops: All Crops
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5G is a high quality, versatile, organic certified Humic and Fulvic Complex that can be used in all crops.


  • Enhances leaf size, color, flowering, and fruiting
  • Increases yield with larger and better quality fruits
  • Improves vigour and resistance towards diseases and insects
  • Maximizes stress tolerance of plants towards water stress, dryness, frost, and temperature imbalances
  • Stimulates overall plant growth and biomass development by accelerating cell division for thicker cell walls in fruits and vegetables for prolonged storage and shelf life
  • Helps to eliminate chlorosis due to trace element deficiency
  • Promotes the development of chlorophyll, carbohydrates, and amino acids and aids in photosynthesis
  • Improves overall quality, physical appearance, and nutritional value of plants.

Mode of Action

The Humic Complexes present in 5G help in providing multiple nutrients from the soil to the plant. The unique mode of action of 5G help in providing the required nutrition to the plant during different crop growth stages.

Method of Application

Drip Irrigation
Foliar Application
Coating on Fertilizer for Broadcast Application

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