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Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium

Cane Master

Type: Bio-Fertilizer
Technical Name: Acetobacter (Gluonoacetobacter diazotrophicus)
CFU Count : 5×107 per gm
Purpose: Increasing yields and promoting growth in Sugarcane crops
Seedling/Sett Dipping: 1 kg / 10 L water
Soil application: 10 kg / acre
Crops: Sugarcane
SKU: 5 Kg


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Cane Master is a granular product containing nitrogen-fixing bacteria that can fix atmospheric nitrogen in sugarcane roots, stems, and leaves.


Fixes atmospheric nitrogen in sugarcane plants, improving plant growth.

Promotes plant growth by increasing root proliferation and uptake of nutrients and water.
Increases sugarcane plant tolerance to environmental stresses.

Reduces the requirement of nitrogenous fertilizers.

Mode of Action

When applied to sugarcane plants, it helps fix atmospheric nitrogen, making it available for plant growth and metabolic processes. Additionally, Cane Master produces plant growth-promoting substances such as IAA and Gibberellins, which increase the number of rootlets leading to increased uptake of minerals, phosphate solubilization, and waterwhich in turn promotes cane growth and sugar recovery.

Method of Application

Cane Master can be applied through two methods:


Seedling/Sett Dipping:
Mix 1 Kg of Cane Master in 10 L of water and immerse the sugarcane sets in the solution for 20-30 minutes before planting.


Soil Application:
Mix 10 Kg of Cane Master per acre with 200-250 kg of FYM/Compost/Vermicompost. Apply this mixture during the plantation and also after the sugarcane crop is 50-60 days old, in the furrow during the earthing-up operation.

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Product effect

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