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Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium


Technical Name: Soil Detox Therapy
Type: Others


Availability: Available!


PROTOX (Probiotic microbe) produces plant hormones that help plants grow bigger and increases root mass, larger roots mean stronger plants, maintain soil microbiome, and ensure crop success. It degrades organic material to make nutrients available to plants and processes to make nutrients more soluble and mobile. It increases moisture in the soil around the roots. It contains the beneficial fungi found in healthy, productive soil that helps plants to grow bigger and better.


Mode of Action

Protox contains soil probiotic microbe which are beneficial fungi that survive and multiply in soil and enhance nutrient uptake by maintaining the soil microbiome balance. It enhances the multiplication of beneficial microbes in the soil which in turn makes the soil healthy and fertile by helping plants in nutrient uptake from the soil. These fungi can enhance crop yield, increase plant resistance and reduce the need for fertilizer. Early application of Protox excludes root colonization by pathogenic bacteria, which could also enhance resistance to diseases and pests.

Time of Application

a) Apply 2L Protox per acre through drip irrigation for effective results. B) Mix 2L of Protox in 200 kg of FYM and broadcast in one acre of land at the time of last plowing or before the first irrigation.


a) Drenching -2l/acre
b) Soil treatment -2L/acre



Product effect

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