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Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium


Technical Name: Sulphur & Iron enriched seaweed based granules
Purpose: Addresses iron and sulfur deficiencies, promoting robust crop growth and high yields.
Dosage: Soil application:4kg/acre
Crops: All Crops
SKU: 4 Kg


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Siron is a granular seaweed based biostimulant product that is enriched with iron and sulphur. It is designed to improve crop growth and yield by mitigating iron and sulphur deficiencies in the soil and improving their uptake.


  • Improves the structure and aeration of soil
  • Stimulate the plant defense against pest
  • Increase the nutrient uptake from soil
  • Increase the capacity of abiotic and biotic stress tolerance in plant
  • Increase Crop growth and yield

Mode of Action

Seaweed being a rich source of carbon, protein, minerals and alginic acid leads to improvement in aeration, soil structure, nutrient uptake from soil and abiotic stress tolerance in plant which in turn increase crop growth and yield. Granular formulation of the product slowly releases its contituents in the soil ensuring prolonged availability of the same to the crops.

Method of Application

Broadcast 4kg/acre of Siron during soil preparation

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Product effect

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