Government of India as part of its on-going National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture has launched a nationwide programme of Soil Health Card Scheme (SHCS) which aims to provide Soil Health Cards (SHCs) to every farmer of each State to address major, secondary and micro nutrient deficiencies in soils. Under the scheme, Government of India provides assistance to the State Governments to issue Soil Health Card (SHC) to all the farmers in the country at an interval of 3 years. As per some estimate, about 2.53 crore samples will be collected and tested to generate 14 crore SHCs for farmers. To execute the scheme successfully, aims to support participatory approach with the agencies engaged this field.

We have recently diversified into Soil Testing and preparation of Soil Health Cards for State Governments in India.  This service also includes crop specific recommendation for fertilizers for the next crops to be cultivated.  Adoption of recommended practices is expected to enhance the fertilizer use efficiency, minimize fertilizer (only need basis) application and optimize the cost of production to ensure higher return to farmers.